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Whether it's a stag or hen party, an anniversary, a work gathering, or a special celebration, brace yourself for thrilling challenges, our 'signature' alcoholic slushies, laser tag, karaoke, and unforgettable moments with friends.

Where nights come alive with exclusive adult-only events at

Adventurers After Dark. 





Want to sing in a group??  Our advanced system lets you sing in a group of up to 4 people.

Private Karaoke Room


Using our song finding platform, you can pick from over 56,000+ songs, yes thats not a typo, there really is over 56K songs.  So be it some R&B, Slash, or Country Jazz, we've you you covered.

Are you a diva or a rock god?  Or just plain awful!?

Karaoke is one of the funniest things to do in an Adventures After Dark venue, especially after a few drinks! Gather friends and take the roof off (not literally). Extra points for singing our favourite Rock and Indie banger!

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